品牌主:Ezaki Glico Company,Limited
主要贡献公司:Dentsu Inc.
第二贡献公司:Google Zoo
第三贡献公司:coconoe inc.
第三贡献公司:BIRDMAN Inc.


As a company, Glico strives to support the growth and development of children. But we wanted to create something with utility that truly aided a child’s development. Japan intends to make programming education compulsory but as of yet it’s still to be implemented. Therefore, many children across the country don’t have the opportunity to learn programming and have a low awareness of it. We proposed a new learning method that encourages children as young as 5 to start learning about code. GLICODE is the first ever educational app that uses advanced image recognition to turn candy into code to teach kids the fundamentals of programming. Every packet of Pocky, Bisco and Almond Peak turns into a bite-sized programming lesson in which kids lay out and arrange their snacks, capture the sequence which then turns into code to control a game. The app covers three basic programming principles: "sequences", "conditionality" and "loops". We designed this easy to understand visual language so that kids can arrange their snacks to automate repetitive instructions [LOOPS], and assign actions to specific triggers [CONDITIONS, IF], making GLICODE a real programming language with endless possibilities. Together with elementary schools across Japan we’ve conducted workshops and extracurricular programs in cram schools to increase awareness amongst children and teachers. Starter packs, including manuals and lesson plans were distributed nationwide. Sanae Takaichi, Japan’s Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications saw the potential of turning candy into code, giving GLICODE an MIC grant and recognizing it as an official government program. GLICODE generated attention both in and outside of Japan, earning praise from computer science organizations like Hour of Code for fostering programming education. More than 200 media sites published the story, and together with its social media reach, produced an estimated media value of over 300 million yen.