ECI Awards

服务创新类-消费者服务 银奖


Nowadays more more Russian citizen prefer to shop online abroad. The number of online shoppers increase dramatically every year, internet penetration growth is fast. Despite RUB devaluation, the goods from China are still very very attractive for them. Therefore QIWI strives to satisfy both parties of this process: provide users with convenient, up-to-date payment option, covering the most of population provide merchant with timely withdrawal in preferred currency, keeping everything secure, fast modern.


To facilitate goods cash flow between Russia China, building up a long time relationships with merchants, PSPs creating the infrastructure for simplifying e-money remittance between our countries. -Provide users with convenient payment options, fast delivery security. -Provide seller with secure, fast, cost-effective money collection options in Russia -Provide seller with fast easy to set up delivery facility to Russian users -Simplify cash-flow between countries using e-wallets -Making cash flow more transparent secure.  


Taking in account that QIWI is the most popular e-wallet in Russia, we have introduced Chinese sellers to our users explained how beneficial can shopping from China be. Vice-Versa we have adapted presented our product the whole Russian market to Chinese sellers.  We are keeping up to date our technology, allowing users to pay anyway he likes: we have a very modern mobile application that is being d every month with new features, we have the biggest payment kiosks network in Russia, allowing cash payments for everyone, we keep on developing new even more convenient payment kiosks.  We alway monitor a feedback from clients users striving to solutions to satisfy everyone.


In 2015 Russian users have made 150 mln orders from China. QIWI served over third of them. If we take Aliexpress as an example: we have served over 12 mln orders from it in 2015.  Our goal is to grow number of orders served, introduce new payment options (QR codes etc).