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Competition Calendar

ECI Awards 2019 Competition Calendar


Competition Dates

Call for Entries Open

November 30, 2018

Early Bird Deadline

March 31, 2019

Entry Deadline

April 21, 2019

Final Deadline

April 28, 2019

Preliminary Judging (Online)

May 1 - 7, 2019

Final Judging (Offline)

May 25 - 26, 2019

Notifications of Finalists and Winners

Jun 1 - 2, 2019

ECI Awards Gala & Innovation Forum

July 27 - 28, 2019


All innovation efforts in digital business that ran at any point between January 1, 2018 and April 15, 2019 are eligible to enter ECI Awards 2019. The entry effort could be a completed work, an ongoing work or even a business plan, whether by enterprises in brick-and-mortar economy using digital means or by Internet enterprises.

It is helpful to include context, data and results prior to the eligibility period. This enables judges to better understand the significance of your objectives set and results achieved during the eligibility time period. However, only elements of the work that have happened within the time frame will be judged. If your case is ongoing, judges also appreciate your future outlook. All the case materials must be submitted through online entry system. After submitting your entry, a letter of confirmation will be sent to your email address automatically. Once submission is completed, you will not be able to make any changes to your case on your own.

Entry Fees

According to the unified global standard of ECI Awards, entrants must pay 2500 RMB for each entry. If you submit your entry before March 31, 2019, you can enjoy the early bird discount and only pay 1500 RMB for each entry.

Entry Date

Fee to Enter

March 31, 2019


April 20, 2019


April 28, 2019


Entry Categories

Model Innovationnew

This category refers to models that have generated or are expected to generate commercial value in the course of business operations through business model innovation, service model innovation or management model innovation, including but not limited to e-commerce, new retail, social contact, physical products (VR & AR/UVA/robot), artificial intelligence, entertainment/media, games, utility software (APP/PC), finance, comprehensive health, tourism, real estate & furniture, education, automotive, sports, sharing economy, cultural creativity, consumption upgrading, enterprise services and other industries. (note: Consumer grade refers to models target at consumers, and Business grade refers to models target at enterprises)

  Business Model – Consumer

  Business Model – Business

  Service Model – Consumer

  Service Model – Business

Product Innovationnew

Product Innovation honors innovations applied to industrial design of physical products in appearance, material, shape, application, function, usage of the product, or virtual products that improve the user experience of the product through advanced technology, advanced UI design and friendly interaction, which in turn generate or are expected to generate greater commercial value.

(physical products include but not limited to 3D printing, audio products, VR/AR, UAV, robot, medical health, home entertainment, IoT, smart home, health & sports, life technology, mobile devices, automotive technology, wearable devices, etc.; virtual products include but not limited to mobile apps, utility software for PC, service software for PC, IoT software, e-commerce software and so on. Note: Consumer grade refers to models target at consumers, and Business grade refers to models target at enterprises)

  Physical Products – Consumer

  Physical Products – Business

  Virtual Products - Consumer

  Virtual Products - Business

Marketing Innovation

Marketing Innovation honors groundbreaking innovative technologies and solutions for marketing. Its independent technical solutions include tools, products, models, platforms, etc., and other forms of advertising technology, as well as marketing communications innovation activities using new technologies.

  Apparel (Bags/Shoes & Hats/Accessories)

  Life Service (Catering/Recreation/Tickets Service etc.)

  Digital Products

  Comprehensive Health

  Beauty & Personal Care

  Sports & Outdoors

  Household & Office (Furniture/Household Appliance/Office Products)  

  Food, Beverages & Alcohol

  AutomotivePre-sale/After-sale/Car Brands

  Culture & Sports (Moives/Sporting Events/Games etc.)

  Travels (Destinations/Travel Services/Transit Services/Public Transportation etc.)

  Cultural & Entertaining Creativitynew

  New Retail (including integrated marketing)new

  Virtual Products


Specialty Category 1 - AI Innovationnew

This category honors great improvement in producs category honors great improvement in product experience, marketing mode, business model, management model or service model through the innovative implementation of AI technology and has generated commercial value, or is about to generate commercial value.

  Enterprise Service - AI

  Consumer Service - AI

  Marketing - AI

Specialty Category 2 - Management Innovation

This category honors innovations made by non-profit organizations (including public institutions, industry societies/associations, industry parks, leagues as well as administrative authorities), independently or collaboratively with other organizations, for system construction, ecosystem management or establishment of business rules in digital business, regarding areas including but not limited to: consumer rights protection, innovation incentive, financing, resources sharing,transaction rules, employment promotion, taxation laws, cross-border trade, risk control, credit system, etc.

note: this specialty category is by invitation only

Submit Your Entry

1. Download the Entry Materials

Visit the official website of ECI Awards http://www.eciawards.org/?lang=en to download relevant entry materials. Before preparing your entry, please read all entry materials carefully to better understand the definition for each category.

2. Create an Account

Visit the homepage of the ECI Awards official website or click the following link to enter the online entry system:


(Entrants of ECI Awards 2018 could log in directly; new entrants for ECI Awards 2019 please sign

up first, and then follow the instructions to create an account.)

3. Provide Entry Details

Provide the following details after creating an account:

①Basic Information

Provide basic information of your entries. Ensure your answers in the online entry system match your answers in the entry form. Please keep in mind the entry title you submit will be publicly announced if your case is a finalist or winner.


If you are submitting in-house work, please list your company as the primary contributor. If you are an agency or a vendor, please provide your client’s information in relevant section. List other

contributors if applicable.

Credits may be published in announcements of finalists and winners, on certificates and trophies, in case study and ECI innovation Index. You should communicate with the PR department

and/or other relevant departments of your company and your credited partner companies to ensure all company names are credited correctly. Entrants are solely responsible for the accuracy of the credits.

Credits submitted at the time of uploading your entry will be used when announcing finalists/ winners, making trophies/certificates, compiling collections, and tallying Index results. So before entering any information, we suggest you to confirm with your company, your partner/client as well as other contributor in order to provide correct information. Entrants are responsible for their own information accuracy.

Note: Information you entered in the online entry credits section will be considered final. The application of credits change will be considered by ECI Awards Committee at discretion.

③Case Summary

The case summary will be used in global promotion and case display later on if your entry becomes a finalist or winner. So it is important that the case summary is thoroughly reviewed for spelling, grammar, and accuracy. It should summarize background, objectives, innovative ideas, execution and (expected) results of your case.

④Publishing Policy & Permission

Entrants that become finalists and winners of 2019 ECI Awards will be showcased in various ways. By entering your work in the competition, the ECI Awards is automatically granted the right to make copies of, edit and display case summary and other materials including texts, images and videos, for education and publicity purposes. If there is any confidential information you do not want to be published, please delete it before submitting your case.

Work submitted must be original and you must have secured rights to submit it.

4. Upload Relevant Forms and Materials

All case materials should be submitted online. You may edit or delete your entry materials at any time until you click the final Submit button. The table below indicates formatting requirements of all case materials. Please prepare all your case materials in strict accordance with these requirements.

Formatting Requirements for Uploading Files:

Important notices: After completing entry details of an entry, an entry ID will be generated automatically (you can find it at My Entries > Entry ID). Please use this entry ID to name your effort when uploading all files (entry form, video, PPT, image, company logos), for example, SI-ES-1302.


Formatting Requirements

Entry Form

1. Upload your entry form in both PDF and DOC format;

2. Type answers in black 10-point font, and underline, bold or use red font color to highlight;

3.  In the event of a question that is not applicable, please indicate the reason directly under the question, instead of deleting or skipping that question;

4. The total number of pages of the entry form shall not exceed 10 pages with less than 5 photos inserted, and the file size should be no bigger than 3 MB.

Case Video or PPT

Note: video and PPT are supplementary materials, you have to choose at least one form to upload.In order to enable judges to better understand your effort and achieve higher score, we recommend you to upload both.

Supplementary materials uploading preference:

Both video & PPT  >  Only video >  Only PPT

Requirements for Case Video

1. Upload a video in .mp4 format and shorter than 3 minutes (not exceeding 50 MB in file size);

2. Do not include any work that you do not have the rights to;

Requirements for PPT

1. Upload a showcase PPT (not exceeding 30 pages);

2. File size should not exceed 20 MB.

Case Image

1. Upload one photo that best represents your case or product;

2. Technical Requirements: 300 dpi .jpg (not exceeding 2 MB file size).

Company LOGO

1. Provide logos of your company, you client (if there is any) or other involving third-party company;

2. Technical Requirements: only .ai or .psd format is acceptable.

5. Payment Instructions

You may pay for your entries once entry details are completed. Check the entries you are paying for and provide information for the invoice/receipt you need from the ECI Awards.

The button to submit your entry is deactivated unless your payment is successfully made. We recommend paying through Alipay in which way the button will be activated automatically after your payment, or you can also transfer entry fees to the account shown below and send the payment proof to iris@eciawards.org for us to confirm and activate the button.

Account Name: Shanghai AIFEI Investment Management Co., Ltd

Account No.: 444259220803

Bank Name: Bank of China

Branch: Shanghai Dashijie Subbranch

Bank Address: No. 1, Jinling Zhonglu Road, Luwan District, Shanghai, China

CNAPS CODE: 104290060047


Distribution of Awards

1. Gold/Silver/Bronze Level Prize

Each sub-category will generally produce one gold-, two silver- and three bronze-level winners (vacancy and increase in winner’s quota are possible). The Best Marketing Innovation of the Year will be chosen among the gold winners of the Category of Marketing Innovation (vacancy is possible). The Grand ECI winner will be selected among the winner of the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year and the gold winners of the other categories (vacancy is still possible).

2. Best Marketing Innovation of the Year

The gold-level winners among 15 sub-categories in Marketing Innovation are eligible for the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year — the highest prize in Marketing Innovation. The Grand ECI winner will be selected among the winner of the Best Marketing Innovation of the Year and the gold winners of the other categories (vacancy is still possible).

3. Grand ECI

The Grand ECI represents the single best case among all the gold winners, and vacancy is allowed.

There has to be something disruptive about it — whether it be a business model that has reshaped the industry, a new technology that has achieved outstanding results, or a new marketing approach to engage consumers... All in all, the Grand ECI winner must be the most innovative case of the year that has the highest commercial/technological/social values and is likely to change the way of our life.

4. Specialty Categories Awards

The Specialty Categories are designed to address a specific business situation or new challenge, and the awards in this category are not fixed. If a Specialty Category contains sub-categories, then each sub-category will have one gold, two silver and three bronze level winners (vacancy is possible).

Judging Criteria

1. Reasons for Disqualification

The following will result in disqualification:

  Failing to follow the formatting requirements as outlined in the entry kit or the entry form.

  Infringement of intellectual property rights.

  Failing to make a payment for your entries by the submission deadline.

2. Conflict of Interests

In the judging process, jurors are allocated cases that do not prove a conflict of interest. For example, jurors are not allowed to review, score or discuss the cases from their own companies or competitors.

3. Judging Process

Your entries will be read and judged by some of the most experienced (and most critical) business leaders. Entries are judged in two phases, and scoring is done anonymously and confidentially.

ECI Awards has two rounds of judging. There is a judge meeting in between to decide the lowest scores to enter the final, and the finalists. The Preliminary Judging happens online. Every entry is reviewed and scored by at least five judges, and the mean is its final score. The Final Judging is offline judging. Judges review, score, and discuss the cases on-site, to determine the bronze, silver and gold winners of each category.It is possible that a category may produce no winners at all.

4. Scoring Criteria

Judges will evaluate and provide four separate scores analyzing following aspects:

Background + Objectives






Conversion Value


Final Score


Nominate a Judge

ECI Awards is the only awards platform with background in investment, technology R&D/operations, as well as marketing. We gather experts from different industries to judge and critique innovative projects to set the benchmark for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. Now we are calling for nominations and self-recommendations for 2019 ECI Awards Jury which will be reviewed by ECI Awards Presidium and ECI Awards Organizing Committee. The final lineup of 2019 ECI Awards Jury will be announced later. The specific rules and procedures are shown as follows.

Rules of nomination and self-recommendation:

1. Chief supervisors and chief judges are invited by ECI Organizing Committee and normally self-recommendation for these roles will be dismissed.

2.  We are looking for:

a. Decision makers of companies which are former ECI Awards winners.

b. Experts on investment with over 10 years of relevant experience, cases of investment in A shares or IPOs, or the role of managing funds of over 3 billion RMB.

c. Experts on R&D from industry-leading tech companies. Owners of IPs are preferred.

d. Experts on marketing from industry-leading brands, media and agencies, who are decision makers of their companies and manage marketing expenses amounting to 600 million RMB annually.

e. Experts from research institute, academy or industry association with over 20 years of consulting experience.

Note: In order to ensure the impartiality and professionalism of ECI Awards, experts on investment will take up 20% of the 2018 ECI Awards Jury, experts on technology R&D 30%, experts on marketing 40%, and researchers 10%. ECI Awards Presidium and ECI Awards Organizing Committee reserve the right to optimize the jury lineup.

ECI Innovation Index

If your case becomes a 2019 ECI finalist or winner, the credits submitted will be used to tally the 2019 ECI Innovation Index results according to the standard the chart below shows. Based on the ECI Innovation Index, the yearly global rankings of innovative abilities of companies in digital business, we will honor the best innovative companies of the year.

Award Level


Grand ECI


Best Marketing Innovation of the Year










Trophies and Certificates

All winning entries (including Gold, Silver and Bronze winners) will receive a trophy, and all finalists will receive a certificate. Credits in your submitted entry will be the default information engraved/printed on your trophy/certificate. ECI Awards Committee will award trophies to all winners at the yearly ECI Awards Gala. If additional trophy is needed, please fill in the Additional Trophy/Certificate Application in the entry materials and send it to iris@eciawards.org

Contact Us

Inquiries about Competition

Iris Lau, Assistant of International Affairs

Email: iris@eciawards.org

Mobile: +86 166-0746-7210